How much should Easton Web Development cost?

Short Answer: It depends on your budget and project scope. Long Answer: When you’re examining your project or business’s online goals, there are a few major things you should consider. How large of an audience are you trying to reach? Two large factors that are included in this consideration are bandwidth and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The larger the area you’re trying to cover, the more expensive your site will be. Why? There’s precision necessary to make sure that your site tells search engines [...]


How to Display the Stock Message in AbleCommerce

If you have inventory tracking enabled in AbleCommerce and you are out-of-stock on a particular product, AbleCommerce switches to “View Mode” on the product page, and removes the Add to Cart button. If you don’t have your stock status messages enabled, your customers may wonder why they can’t order this particular product. Enabling the stock status message and out-of-stock message requires a simple setting change in the admin. AbleCommerce Gold Inventory Control Settings AbleCommerce Setting Change In the admin area, use the main menu [...]